The Big Challenge - 4Mb

Salzburg´s English Language Champions


On May 3rd our class 4Mb (teacher Mag. Monika Steigerwald) took part in an English competition called ´the Big Challenge´. This was a contest in English based on 45 multiple choice questions about reading, vocabulary, phonetics, grammar and geography. 

Zeljana Maksimovic and Emma Nussbaumer, both from class 4 Mb, finished first equal in the Federal State of Salzburg.

We are also very proud of Nathalie Walkner and Melih Oener who were just behind Zeljana and Emma.

Of all the entrants throughout Austria (4615 pupils in our age group), class 4Mb finished tied in 4th place, followed by a 6th and an 8th place.

This contest has provided great motivation for all of us and it was exciting and good fun.

                                                                                                             Class 4Mb

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