Brighton Language Week, April 13 – 20, 2016 - 7RA & 7 RB - What we liked best

We had a fantastic time in Brighton! Our host family was very kind, though we didn’t spend a lot of time with them. Most of the time we were sightseeing or eating the multicultural food that Brighton and London offered. The best place we visited was “Seven Sisters,” due to the beautiful landscape, the sea and the animals (sheep, cows, etc.). All in all, we enjoyed being in the UK and it was worth the money.

Seval & Enuela

The entire week in Brighton was awesome and full of wicked and unforgettable experiences. Our trip included everything from seeing stunning sights, attending English classes and eating delicious multicultural food to wading in the freezing sea, walking through a thorn hedge and doing yoga on top of the cliffs. We were lucky to have a birthday girl with us, as eating tons of birthday cakes and singing birthday songs all day long made our journey complete.

Miriam & Susanna

Our week in Brighton was pretty awesome, except for some smaller complications like a really freezing cold room or the turtle smell at our host family’s home. Besides that it was amazing: the weather wasn’t as bad as expected and the whole culture and the people were amazing, especially in Camden.

Florian, Moritz & Dominik

Our journey to Brighton was wonderful. We had an awesome host family that welcomed us and they were happy to have us. The food and our location were really great and we both enjoyed our stay. Our highlight was Camden Town with its food market.

Philipp & Domi

We had an amazing stay with our host family in Brighton. They were happy they finally got students who spoke English and were able to keep up a conversation. Tobias and I were really glad we had the opportunity to speak English to native speakers for a whole week. Although the trip back home was exhausting, we had plenty of fun in England.

Tobias & Ashwin, Yakup & Daniel

Brighton. Grey and cloudy, rainy days. Skies full of cold pain. But the unpleasant weather couldn`t take our adventurous mood. What will stay in our memories, the well-known cliffs called Seven Sisters, and their strong wind blowing in our faces and overwhelming us with their beauty. Smiling kids, tasty food and a lovely neighbourhood was what we hadn`t expected, our host family. It was truly beautiful to experience.

Emina & Selina

Since the sun is quite shy in England, we were lucky to have such nice weather. Even though it was raining on the day we went to London, nothing could keep us from our sightseeing tour and, more importantly, shopping. Moreover, we totally loved the Seven Sisters, Big Ben, Camden Market, etc. Oh, and by the way, if someone tells you the food is bad - don’t trust them!
All in all, it was a very nice trip.

Claudia & Elda

What we liked best of our trip to England was the Brighton – Fulham match. Yes, we visited the football stadium in Brighton. Of course, it was a fantastic atmosphere, because the British are fanatics. The stadium was especially worth seeing and in addition, the team currently plays very well.

All in all, it was an interesting and informative week in Brighton.

Christian & Alex

My mate Hami and I had a lot of fun during our stay in Brighton. I always told him that we were the lucky ones there because we had a very kind and friendly host family. In addition, the activities we took part in as a class were really fun and enjoyable as well. Hami liked our trip to Seven Sisters the most whereas my favourite activity was rounders. Apart from the weather not being that great (typically English), our English week was much better than we had expected and we would definitely go there again!

Hami & Abdul

It was a really awesome week in Brighton and definitely a trip we will never forget. There was nothing we didn't like about the week. Our host family was very friendly and it was always great fun. What impressed us the most were the 'Seven Sisters'. The landscape and the view were just incredibly beautiful.  

Matthias & Maximilian

We really enjoyed our trip to England. Both of us liked London the most. The diversity of the city offers something for everyone. Just a few minutes in the tube and you see a completely different part of the city.

Stefan & Michi


7Ra and 7Rb, it was a joy to travel with you,

Irene & Irene