Cliffs, English And A Great City

Memories of Dublin
This October, we, the 7G had the unique opportunity to visit Dublin and nobody will ever forget the beautiful cliff-walk, our host families (though some of us might want to forget them) or this great city overall, but there's a lot more to write about.

First we took the bus to Munich airport and we were all tired, on the one hand because of the early departure, on the other hand because some of us were so excited about this trip that they couldn't sleep. After arriving safely in Dublin, our host families picked us up and our first evening in Dublin was noticeable for the very nice chat with our host mother, whom we instantly liked.

We attended school the following five days and Andrew, our teacher, was really nice and we learned much. Of course we also went to some museums, but fortunately we also did really cool activities, like visiting the Google Headquarters. One can't imagine that the "Googlers" do serious work in these buildings, because there are so many funny attractions, for instance dozens of snack bars, a gym with a pool or opportunties to hang out with colleagues. We all loved the Greyhound race and felt like grown-ups, because we were allowed to bet (and almost everyone did).

On Saturday, our second to last day, we did a walk at the cliffs of Howth (a suburb of Dublin) and we enjoyed the impressive landscape. Everybody was sad when the cabs took us to the airport on Sunday morning. However, full of new memories of a trip that no one will ever forget we went back home and this incredible week ended.

Inside Google

During our stay in Dublin, the 7G had the unique opportunity of visiting the Google Headquarters. And it really was unique, because ordinary people are not allowed in the Google offices. Fortunately my uncle works there and because of that we were able to do that excursion (and it proved to be one of the highlights of the whole trip).

My uncle Wolfgang Oberauer met us in front of the building called the "Google Docks" (the whole complex is situated at the harbour of Dublin). After welcoming us, he introduced us into the magical world of Google by means of a presentation and our class (including the teachers) learned a lot. In fact, advertisements is by far the most successful part of Google's sales and make up 98% overall (just for those, who think mobile phones and tablets are the predominant means of income). Additionally, we received information about what you have to do in order to become a "Googler" and it turned out, that even school grades play an important role in the application process.

When we were being shown around, everyone was stunned. "The Googlers", as Google's employees are called, can really do many things in their workplace, for example shape their bodies in the gym, relax at the pool, eat something at one of the four cafeterias or just play various games with their colleagues. Furthermore, one of the company's rules is, that no employee must not be more than 150 feet away from a snack bar, so that you can find dozens of them. Luckily we could try out one of them and had snacks and soft drinks, everything for free. 

Everything has to come to an end and after two stunning hours, we left and everyone had a whole different view of this incredible company.

By Alexander Oberauer