English Workshop “Selfie“

Exkursion des Wahlpflichtfach Englisch 7G/7Ra/7Rb ins Museum der Moderne


A Selfie per definition is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. In social networks nearly everyone has already taken a Selfie and often uses it as a profile picture. Nowadays, it is all about having likes and being the most beautiful person. Selfies in our society are now very important and no longer indispensable.

On February, 24th we went to the inner city of Salzburg to visit an exhibition about Selfies in the history of art in “Museum der Moderne” on the Mönchsberg. When we got there we split up in two groups and had to follow our guide. First of all we crossed a room with many televisions and photographs in it. When we got into another room, we had to sit down in a semicircle in front of a collage of Selfies.
Afterwards, Ilse our tour guide asked us to think about the first word that comes to our mind when we first entered the museum. One student answered with ‘creepy’ and others with ‘empty, cold, white and colourless’. After we talked about the collage we sat in front of, which was composed of many little Selfies, we were told to go around in the room in groups of three and decide on one piece of art we wanted to examine. In one picture which included twenty-four little pictures, a man was photographed while he was posing. In each little photo he was dressed differently and consequently he brought up different attitudes in each picture. This was very interesting because as shown in this piece of art body language and clothes can give a person a completely different appearance.
In the end, everyone of us got a sheet of paper on which we had to speculate about Niko’s future (family, career, salary etc.). The task was based on a work from an artist about the topic Selfie. She took a photograph of herself and told others to describe her attitude. Afterwards, she put together the two pictures of her and some descriptions from foreign people. So a very special Selfie aroused.
To sum up, this day at the MdM was very interesting, told us a lot about art and helped us with interpreting pictures for our oral “Matura”.

Eva Posch, 7Ra