Sprachreise nach London


A language trip that broadened our horizons

Every language trip leaves a staying impression on the traveler. Having to speak only the local language, dealing with the people and their habits and visiting a lot of sights leads to an improvement of language in use, pronunciation and the knowledge about famous places. But what does this trip make remarkable?

We definitely did some activities worth mentioning and experienced a lot. In my opinion the most notable sights we visited were the London Eye, with whom we could experience London from a new position, from above. Crossing Tower Bridge also is one thing everybody should have on his bucket list. We now can take that one from the list, and while doing it we had an intense view over the river Thames. But this wasn’t the only time we visited Tower Bridge. We could also sneak a peek at it from below during our 30min boat trip, experiencing nearly all of the famous buildings around the Thames.
My personal highlight was actually school. I attended the lessons in the advanced group and we only did speaking tasks and vocabulary. We had a lot of discussions with our English teacher which really helped to improve my pronunciation and arguing skills.

The funniest and also a quite inspiring moment happened to me as a random street musician approached us and did a short freestyle rap about his former life and told us about him, living on the street with no money and shelter, but being happy and enjoying life. He said he had a job and a home but left all of that behind to live his personal way of being.

I think every journey abroad widens one’s horizon, but on this one we encountered so many different people and gained a lot more knowledge you would expect from that kind of trip.

Philip Treml, 7RB